Over the last 6 years of photographing weddings across Warwickshire & the West Midlands, this is a discussion I often have with couples looking for wedding photography. I offer 3 main wedding photography packages and the packages with 2 wedding photographers are really popular. So what are the benefits of having 2 wedding photographers compared to one?

2 photographers- 2 places at once

When there is 2 of us, we can be in 2 places at once! For the ceremony, this can be great. When I am working with a 2nd photographer, I will get into position at the front of the ceremony to capture the walk down the aisle and all the emotion from the front. The other photographer can stay outside capturing all those last minute moments before the grand entrance.

This is one of my favourite photographs showing an example of this. I absolutely love this image of Bryony waiting with her dad, captured by my 2nd photographer. Little moments like this are so precious and are sometimes missed, while preparing for the big moments.

bride waiting to walk down the aisle with her Dad and bridesmaids

Capture the whole story

When there are 2 photographers, we can document the whole story. Morning prep is is great fun to photograph as it shows the whole story of the day. So many funny & emotional moments are recorded during this time, that the other doesn’t get to see. By having a photographer with each of you as you are getting ready, nothing is missed and you can share the experience after the wedding.

Bride hugging flower girl, wedding morning

Groom getting ready for his wedding day at Blackwell GRange

More candid moments captured

With 2 photographers, we get more opportunity to photograph those natural, candid moments of your loved ones as they enjoy the celebrations. With 2 of us, one can always be with your guests, observing whilst the other photographer is taking couple portraits, detail shots of your wedding breakfast details or your group shots.

bridesmaids taking a selfie at wedding

Different Perspectives

We can capture different perspectives of your day! Sometimes there are fantastic opportunities for great shots such as from a balcony in your ceremony room. Having 2 wedding photographers means that one can get into a different position without the fear of missing any of the main moments! This is a great way to get a variety of images for you.

bride and groom walking into wedding breakfast at Mill Barns

Your wedding guests arriving

This wonderful part of the day is often missed as the photographer will still be photographing morning prep. With 2 photographers , we can capture those lovely moments as your guests arrive for your wedding day. There is such a brilliant atmosphere as all the people you love start to gather together for your amazing day. These moments are lovely to look back on – especially for the bride who normally misses this part of the wedding day!

guests arriving for wedding at blackwell grange

Are there benefits of having just one wedding photographer?

Absolutely! Although I always enjoy working with a fellow photographer, there are some pros to just having one wedding photographer to capture your wedding.

Less obtrusive

When working alone, I often get mistaken for a friend of the couple as I blend into the wedding more. Naturally I chat more to your guests and people relax around me, forgetting I am there! Two photographers are a little more obvious, although we still work unobtrusively as we photograph your day.

guests laughing at Stratford Wedding

Too much for small weddings

For smaller intimate weddings, 2 photographers is one too many! 1 photographer is much better at a smaller, more intimate wedding and can easily capture lots of candid moments of your smaller wedding party. Just having one photographer keeps the feeling of intimacy and is much less obtrusive, helping you and your guests to feel at ease and acting naturally as they enjoy your wedding day.

groom playing limbo at castle bromwich hall gardens

Bigger is not always better!

More images does not equal better wedding photographs. Two photographers often capture the same things going on, and the same guests, so although you may have more images, there is not always a massive difference in what has been captured. When working alone, I throw myself into the wedding. I am constantly observing, capturing your day whilst thinking creatively to photograph meaningful images.

bride and groom laughing just after their first kiss when married

Couples may feel more at ease

Often the couples that book me for their wedding, don’t like having their photograph taken and feel a little nervous about being in front of the camera. The thought of 2 people photographing them fills them with dread! If I am the only photographer on the day, the couple can get to know me prior to the wedding and will feel much more at ease on their wedding day.

Take a look at some real weddings. Click here to see a wedding captured by 2 wedding photographers. Click here for a wedding I have captured alone. It really is down to personal preference whether you go for 2 or 1, but hopefully this blog has helped you weigh up the pros and cons!

I would love to hear from you if you are planning your big day!