Tipi weddings really are something special and knowing Vicky & Nick, I knew it would be the most awesome day!  I met these guys a few years ago, when I photographed Vicky’s sister’s wedding.  With a magnificent tipi set up in the farmland at home, the wedding was going to be rustic style, unique and personal to them.

I met them a few weeks before for a pre- wedding shoot at their Warwickshire farm.  It was a gorgeous sunny day! Vicky & Nick bought along their nephew and pony (I know, so fun!!) and we had a great afternoon. We wandered around their home grounds and just had a laugh!  I get so excited when a wedding such as this one has been planned.  I absolutely love turning up on the day to see their vision and dreams turn in to a beautiful reality. There really is nothing like walking into a wedding Tipi. They are so magnificent and look so beautiful when dressed for the wedding.

Wedding day!

 After a church ceremony in Claverdon, Warwickshire,  guests made their way back to the farm where drinks were served in the beautiful home gardens. The beauty of an outdoor, home tipi wedding is that it is so chilled and relaxed.  There was such a great atmosphere and I know how much it meant to Vicky and Nick to have their wedding at a place that means so much to them, surrounded by all their favourite people!

 Vicky & Nick put tonnes of love and hard work into decorating the tipi and bringing their own touches into their day to make it so personal to them.  The giant tipi’s have so much space and opportunity to transform them into anything within your own creativity and imagination.  Vicky and Nick decorated their tipi with a rustic twist, with beautiful wild flowers, wood slices and hundreds of twinkling lights.  It was an emotional day, especially when it came to speeches.  So full of love, laughter and lots of tears.

 The dance floor rocked and the live band had everyone dancing and having a blast. Tipi weddings have such a fab vibe and this one was no exception.  A perk of having a home wedding?  The party doesn’t have to stop!! I have no idea what time these guys partied on till but I’m sure it was long into the night (ok- probably morning!) It was an amazing wedding to be part of and very special to have photographed two wonderful weddings from one family.




bride with bridesmaids laughing and chatting during bridal prep




bride and sister hugging during bridal prep




bridesmaid having her hair done during bridal prep




bride hugging her dad during bridal prep




bride hugging little girl during bridal prep




Claverdon church




guests waiting outside claverdon church




groom greeting guests before church wedding




bride arriving at church, about to get out of wedding car




proud dad smiling at his daughter as they get ready to enter church wedding




groom looking back at the aisle to watch bride entering church




guests laughing during church wedding




Father of the bride giving daughters hand in marriage




bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife, church wedding ceremony




bride and groom at the alter, looking at their wedding rings as they sign the register




bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony




guests lining up outside church to throw confetti




mother of the bride waiting to throw confetti




bride and groom laughing as confetti is thrown




confetti run, bride and groom




tipi set up for farm wedding




garden drinks reception at tipi wedding




guest hugging bride after wedding




groom hugging friend during wedding reception




guests chatting to bride at tipi wedding reception




guests greeting bride at wedding reception




guests congratulating bride at tipi wedding reception




groom kissing friend at tipi wedding




guests laughing with bride at tipi wedding




shoes on grass, taken off at wedding reception




page boy saying cheers at wedding




attractor and hay bales, tipi wedding details




page boy cuddling dog during wedding reception




wedding details on table for wedding breakfast




bride and groom cuddling and rubbing noses




bride and groom cuddling for couple portraits




groom pulling funny face during wedding speech




guest at tipi wedding listening to speeches




girls lying on the floor tucked up in a blanket during wedding breakfast




guests laughing during tipi wedding speeches




guests laughing during wedding speech




bride giving speech at her wedding




bride crying whilst giving wedding speech




bridesmaid crying during wedding speech




best man giving speech and laughing




guests cheering after speeches at tipi wedding




bride hugging bridesmaid at wedding




bride and groom kissing in gardens at tipi wedding




bride and groom dancing at their tipi wedding




girls dancing at tipi wedding




guests dancing at tipi wedding, warwickshire




guests dancing at tipi wedding







guests dancing at wedding with ties round their heads




Bride dancing on the dancefloor at wedding




Bride and groom cutting wedding cake, tipi wedding




tipi wedding, bride and guests dancing on dancefloor