The question of the best age for newborn photos comes up alot. With lifestyle photography, beautiful newborn photographs can be captured at any time in those first few weeks, but here is a guide to help you decide what you would love to capture in your newborn photoshoot.

Newborn photos- first 10 days of baby being home

This truly is a magical time that goes by in a complete blur of no sleep. Suddenly life has been turned upside down by this tiny little bundle of love! During the first 10 days, most parents find their baby is normally very sleepy (in the daytime at least!). At just a few days old, babies are more curled up. This makes it easier to get those gorgeous sleepy, snuggled up images. The bonus of a newborn shoot at home in these early days, is that you have everything you need to hand. You can relax knowing you can go with the flow of feeding and tending to your baby’s needs as they arise. I remember what a struggle it was to leave the house when I had just bought my newborn baby home!

For some people, the thought of trying to get organised for a photoshoot in those crazy first few days is too overwhelming- which is totally understandable and why you may want to wait for a couple of weeks. The beauty of a lifestyle newborn shoot is that it is not heavily posed so it doesn’t matter if your baby is awake and just wants cuddles from you. Those treasured images of all the little newborn features can be captured anytime in the first few weeks.

newborn photos

3-4 months old

This is a lovely time with your baby. They are still happy & snuggly in your arms but are starting to smile much more, hold their heads up and starting to roll over. They are much less sleepy at this age so you can get some lovely photos of them awake and they have passed that cross eyed stage that you can get with newborns! This is a great age to get some of baby on their own in blankets and some family shots of you all together. This age is best to be photographed indoors and the parents bed makes a great space for these photographs.

3 month old baby- newborn baby photos

6-8 months old

This is such a cute stage! Think chubby arms and legs, huge smiles, and giggles. Your baby is normally able to sit unsupported. By this stage you have normally settled into a routine and it is great to get a mixture of family shots and photos of your baby on their own, indoors and outdoors. It is lovely to include favourite toys or snuggle items that your baby is attached to as this adds to the memories in the images.

6 month old baby photo

1 year old- birthday shoot

It is wonderful to mark your baby’s first birthday with a photoshoot. They will have developed a strong personality by now and that is lovely to capture in the images. This is a lovely age to photograph indoors or outdoors. Your baby may be crawling or walking around which is always a fun challenge to capture! You could tailor a birthday shoot to whatever you like- I have photographed family photos in the park, first birthday parties and even outdoor cake smashes!

Although we all think of newborn photos being important, it is never too late to make some beautiful memories with a photoshoot and have some special photographs as a keepsake of your baby’s first year. While I think they are wonderful for us to have as parents, your child will be so grateful of these photographs for them to look back on as they grow up.

Do you love seeing your memories back in video? I also offer keepsake films and this can be added on to any photoshoot or booked individually.