As spring approaches and the trees and natural environment spring into life, it is a great time to book in for a family photoshoot. When families book me, they often ask me for family photoshoot ideas and locations in Warwickshire. I have been a family photographer in Warwickshire for the last 6 years and have explored lots of fab locations for photoshoots. I have put together some family favourites to give you some inspiration.

Family Fun

Firstly, keep it simple and think about the places you enjoy visiting as a family. It can be a place you visit regularly, favourite dog walks or the local park. Family photographs with a special location as the backdrop will mean more to you. If the children love the location, they will be relaxed and happy and will really enjoy the photoshoot experience.


children playing on a swing in the park

A Walk In The Woods

The woods provide a beautiful backdrop and a fun, family adventure. A walk through the woods for your photoshoot is great if you are looking for a quieter location away from lots of people. The children love to follow tracks and climb on logs and you will all enjoy the outdoor experience. This is a good option for children aged 5 and up- right through to teenagers. The woods are a great choice all year round but a real favourite for autumn shoots as the colours are amazing!

mum cuddling her 2 children, sitting on a log in the woods

Jephson Gardens

This beautiful Leamington Spa park is a favourite family photoshoot location. This is a great choice for families with toddlers and younger children. The park offers an easy stroll through beautiful parkland, along the riverside with pretty trees as the backdrop to your images. Benches and steps are great for families to sit close for cuddles or ice cream! This offers some lovely variety to your images. Jephson Gardens is a favourite location of mine in spring as the numerous blossom trees are stunning! There is a fabulous cafe for a coffee and cake stop too- the perfect way to end your shoot!


family photoshoot ideas at Jephson gardens, leamington spa

mum cuddling twins and holding them close during photoshoot

Fields and Footpaths in Warwickshire

From April onwards, our surrounding fields bloom into life and offer some brilliant walks to explore for a family adventure. A game of chase or piggy back rides bring families together for fun and laughter on your photoshoot. We are very lucky in Warwickshire to be able to step into countryside locally for beautiful views and open landscapes. Fields and footpaths are great during summer months and offer a beautiful location for sunset shoots, which add a little bit of magic to family photographs!


Family standing in a field of maize during photoshoot

girls running through rapeseed field during family photoshoot

Kenilworth Castle & Surrounding Areas

Kenilworth is a favourite location for family shoots. The castle provides an amazing backdrop and it is surrounded by beautiful countryside to explore. Abbey fields is fun to walk around, offering different backdrop and interesting places to wander around. The park provides an extra treat for the children at the end of the shoot.


Mum cuddling her sons at abbey fields, Kenilworth

Newbold Comyn

This is a great open space in Leamington Spa, perfect for an active family who would like to include some fun and games into your photoshoot! Perfect for families with children aged 5 and older. A great photoshoot idea for a fun, family experience is to bring an activity you all enjoy- maybe a frisbee or ball. It is a good location to include the dog too. What I love about these kind of photoshoots is the lovely memories the whole family will have of this experience when they look back at the images.


A family playing catch in Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa

Dad and two sons playing frisbee

Family Shoot at Home

For babies and young toddlers, staying at home can be the perfect place for your photoshoot. Young children feel safe and secure at home and are relaxed in their home environment. Toddlers don’t stay shy for long at home and they often end up leading a photoshoot as they start having fun, enjoying the attention! Cuddles, reading books together, playing games and having fun in the garden offer some great opportunities to make some special family memories. Images like this will evoke real emotion, with your family home as the backdrop in your images.


Dad cuddling newborn baby with older sister

There are so many great photoshoot ideas in Warwickshire to explore- this is just the tip of the iceberg. The most important thing to think about is choosing a location or activity that you can enjoy together. the experience is just as important as your final images. When you look back at your images, the memories and feelings evoked should be warm and fuzzy, thinking back to your lovely family time together.

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