Now we are free to move around more and with the weather turning warmer, it is a great time to get out & about with the kids. We are so lucky to be surrounded with gorgeous outdoor spaces- perfect for outdoor family photography. Woodland, fields and parks are the perfect locations for natural family shoots.

Summer Time!

Summer is a brilliant time to capture some special family memories. The kids love the warm weather, the fields look beautiful and the trees are full. This creates stunning backdrops for beautiful family photographs. On outdoor shoots, the children are free to explore and have fun. They can run around, climb trees and follow trails. They are natural adventurers and love to explore new places.

This was a really fun photoshoot taken in local fields. The children loved running down the natural paths and exploring the wood. With no posing, the children (and adults!) are free to just be themselves. Their smiles and laughter are real and heartfelt and their personalities shine through in the images. Their parents enjoyed watching the children having fun and they enjoyed their time together in this beautiful place.

This year has been a crazy year so far! Families have never been closer, or spent more quality time together. This summer is the perfect time to create some beautiful family memories. As parents, we have hundreds of snaps of our kids, yet family photographs of us all together are incredibly rare. I am so passionate about capturing amazing photographs for you that I know you will treasure for years to come. Outdoor family photography is a great option for families who want natural photographs and a fun experience without any awkward posing.

I have a few different family shoot options, including garden shoots for little ones and special golden light shoots which add an extra touch of magic!

children walking through trees, outdoor family shoot
children walking through trees, outdoor family photography
family walking through field on outdoor family shoot
son holding hands with Dad, outdoor family photography
Dad chasing son through filed, outdoor family photography
girls skipping through a field, outdoor family photography
Mum and daughters walking down field, outdoor family photography
children tickling each other, outdoor family photography
family cuddling during outdoor family photoshoot
children running and playing during outdoor family photgraphy
Family sitting on a log, cuddling and ;laughing during outdoor family photo shoot
girl picking wild flowers during family photo shoot
gilr jumping in the air during outdoor photo shoot
girl smelling flowers during outdoor photo shoot
girl running through a field of wheat, outdoor photography, solihull
boy smiling through flowers, outdoor family photography
outdoor photography, sisters cuddling
young gilr looking up at camera, outdoor family photography
sisters and their brother running through a wjeat field during photo shoot in Solihull
outdoor photoshoot, solihull
Dad kissing daughter, cuddling in a field on photoshoot
Family walking, swinging smallest child on family photoshoot
family walking through fields laughing