I remember the bubble of the first 2 weeks after bringing my newborn baby home.  When I am invited to capture this amazing time for new parents, I always feel very privilaged- it is a really special time to capture.

Meet gorgeous Harper.  It was lovely to meet him and his parents late last year.  He has the cutest expressions and didn’t want to miss a thing during his very first photo shoot!  I try to capture every little thing in these shoots- not just the adorable newborn baby, but the love in the house, the strong bonds between baby and parents and the little things that we forget as our children grow- the mobile we lovingly hung in the nursery that kept baby amused.  The chair we sat in during those silent, dark hours as we fed and comforted our little ones.  The shoot is so much more that photographing your baby.  It is freezing this moment in time so you can look back on this amazing story in years to come, when those sleepless nights seem a lifetime ago.

Baby Harper was eventually persuaded to sleep by Dad, who danced around the nursery singing to his beautiful baby son.  Unfortunately you don’t see that special moment in these images, but you can certainly see the love!!

Baby's hand seen through the bars of the cot as he lies in it


Mum holding hands with her newborn baby son

Dad holding hands with his newborn baby son

Newborn baby asleep lying on Dad's chest

Mum & Dad looking at their newborn baby and smiling at him

Newborn baby looking up at Mum

Newborn baby being held by Mum

newborn baby being cuddled by Mum & Dad

Mum and Dad holding newborn baby

Mum and Dad smiling at newborn baby boy

Dad holding baby boy as he is yawning

Dad cradling baby's head in his hand

black & white image of newborn baby boy, lying on Mum's bed

newborn baby boy lying on the bed

close up image of newborn baby's foot

close up image of baby's hand

black & white image of baby lying on the bed

Image of baby's head as he lies on the bed

Newborn baby boy, looking at the camera

Looking down on baby in cot

Baby lying in cot, yawning

Black & white image of Mum holding baby in the nursery, sitting in a rocking chair

Baby's legs and feet as Mum holds him

It's a boy bunting hanging from mantlepiece

Black & white image of Dad holding baby son on his shoulder

Dad's hand holding Mums hand as they hold their baby

Dad kissing Mum who is holding her newborn baby in her arms

black & white image of Mum holding a sleeping baby

Mum holding baby boy, sitting in rocking chair in the nursery

newborn baby being cuddled close by Mum