Amy & Ben were one of the many couples who had the heartbreaking task of rescheduling their wedding to next year due to Covid-19. They were really keen to capture some memories on the build up to their wedding day though, and opted to have a sunset family photoshoot. It had been a stifling hot week, with the most gorgeous evenings so we thought we would take advantage of the beautiful weather with a photoshoot at sun set.

Photoshoot at Sunset

I, like many photographers, love nothing more than taking photographs at golden hour. As the sun goes down, around an hour before it sets, the light turns to a magical, golden, haze which really adds something special to your images. This was perfect for Amy, Ben and little Amber. It had been too hot in the daytime, but in the evening, it was a little cooler to explore the woods and the wild, long grass in the meadow.

Family Shoot

Amy & Ben had booked a wedding package with me that included a pre-wedding shoot. Like most couples with little ones, they wanted to include their daughter Amber and turn this into a family shoot. This is so lovely as they will be able to keep these precious images to look back on, to remind them of the build up to their wedding day. Amber is such a cutie, looking so sweet in her pretty red dress and sparkly sandals. There was no way she was missing out on any of the action though so Amy and Ben didn’t get many images together alone! This type of family photoshoot is perfect for little ones like Amber. She was free to run around, play around with Mum and Dad without any pressure to pose or to keep still to have photographs taken.

These long summer evenings are perfect to take advantage of for some special family images. Natural spaces with long grass, woodland and fields make the most stunning backdrops for sunset family images. My family photoshoots are very natural, capturing you together as a family, having fun and enjoying special time together. They are unposed and there is definitely no smiling at the camera! Most of my family shoots take place outdoors, in a location chosen by you, often somewhere you love to go together as a family.

I still have some availability left for summer family shoots. I would love to hear from you if you are keen to capture some family memories.

Mum and dad cuddling 3 year old daughter in sunset light
Mum holding her little girl in her arms who is laughing at the camera
Mum and dad standing in the woods with their little girl at sunset
Little girl looking up at her dad as he plays aroound
Mum and dad with their 3 year old daughter in the golden sunset
Mum, dad and little girl walking through a field of long grass at sunset
Family on a family shoot standing in long grass in a meadow
Dad throwing little girl up in the air on a family shoot.
Dad cuddling his daughter on a family photoshoot
Dad blowing grass in a meadow with his family
Mum, dad and little girl sitting in long grass on a family photoshoot
little girl walking thought long grass in a filed at sunset
Little girl in a red dress, running and laughing through a field
Family together in a field, little girl sitting on dad's shoulders
Couple cuddling and looking at each other in the evening light
Couple standing close together, laughing at each other as they cuddle
family walking though a field of long grass on a family shoot
Mum, dad and draughting cuddling, daughter laughing
Family standing together at sunset, dad tickling little girl