Are you worrying about rain on your wedding day?

We all have the perfect day in our minds as our wedding approaches and we often dream of sunny days and outdoor celebrations. Unfortunately, our British weather may have other plans for us! As we know, whatever the season, our weather can be totally unpredictable. So what if you have rain on your wedding day? How will it affect your day and what can you do to be prepared?

The 10 day weather forecast

I defy any couple not to be checking the 10 day forecast obsessively on the approach to your wedding. Although it is never 100% accurate, it can give you a good idea of what you can expect on the big day. This helps you to prepare and to get your head around the fact that you may not have the sunny day you dreamed of. This will also be a big help if you are having an outdoor wedding such as a tipi or marquee as you will be able to plan the preparations, like erecting the tent or putting out decorations, around the weather. If the days leading up to your wedding have been a wash out, you will be able to warn guests if the ground at your outdoor venue is likely to be wet or muddy.

bride and groom in wellies with rain on wedding day

Bring wellies!

You will be so pleased you packed wellies to go out into the gorgeous grounds at your venue for some fab couple portraits! It is so hard to walk on grass in heels at the best of times, so having flat shoes will be a blessing. If it has been or is raining, wellies will keep you warm and dry and can provide a bit of fun in your wedding photographs!

Groom and friend trying to pull welly off bride

Provide umbrellas

If there is rain on your wedding day, particularly at key points like arriving in your wedding car or going outside for photographs, you will need umbrellas! Having a few for guests to use to dash between locations is also a great idea and will keep your guests happy. Your venue may have a handy stash by the main doors- check this out before you buy some yourself. Having a few helpful hands to hold a brolly over your head and dress will be a relief if it is bucketing down. Lots of couples opt for white or themed umbrellas to compliment the rest of their day.

bridal party walking over to wedding ceremony, royal arms hotel wedding

Have a back up plan for outdoor parts of your day

You may have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony or drinks reception on a beautiful lawn or terrace. It doesn’t hurt to have a plan where people can still enjoy your lovely venue but will remain sheltered and dry in the worst case scenario. Talk to your venue to see what alternatives they can offer if part of your day doesn’t go to plan because of rain.

Bride chatting to guests, photographed through the window

Embrace it!

If it rains, it rains! Don’t let is spoil your day. Trust your photographer and get outside for some beautiful couple portraits whatever the weather. It is all part of the fun and memories from your day and if you carry on having the best day, regardless, so will your guests. The rain won’t dampen your spirits- it will be just another funny talking point from your amazing day- probably making it all the more memorable!

I hope these tips help you to embrace the weather, whatever it throws at you on your wedding day! If you would like to read about a real life, rainy wedding, check out this fab outdoor tipi wedding at Dovecote Barn