Weddings packed with personality, fun and a great crowd are my kind of weddings- and this Nuthurst Grange wedding was exactly that!  Charlotte and Andy brought their love of films into their day with a brilliant Harry Potter Theme.  I had spent time with Charlotte and Andy at their wedding venue, for their pre wedding shoot.  This was a great way to get to know them and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding day.

Charlotte and her bridesmaids were well ahead of schedule when I arrived and the rainy morning definitely did not dampen their spirits.  When the rain paused, the girls got out in the garden to chill with champagne before it was time to leave.  Obviously a very close group of friends, funny stories from their past were shared and it was a really fun start to the wedding day.

Following their church wedding ceremony, the wedding party went on to Nuthurst Grange Country House, a stunning wedding venue in Warwickshire.  We snuck out in between rain showers for photographs and guests enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the gorgeous setting.

The best man kept things lively by introducing a Harry Potter themed drinking game during his speech!  Very funny to photograph but I would have been on my knees if taking part!!

The same best man commandeered me into an impromptu ‘photo booth’ style, wedding frame scout round, to capture the evening guests.  Although I refused to follow him in to the ‘mens’ with it, it was a very funny way to capture people and everyone were great sports!

Loved being part of your beautiful day guys!

wedding shoes and bottom of wedding dress

bride having lipstick applied during bridal prep

champagne cheers

bridesmaids laughing on wedding morning \bride reading a card from her husband to be

bridesmaids and bride- cheers

bride laughing with bridesmaids on wedding morning

bridesmaids and bride taking a selfie on wedding morning

mother of bride washing up before wedding

father of bride having his button hole pinned

bride helping bridesmaid to do up her dress

bride sitting quietly having her veil fitted by bridesmaid

bridesmaids reaction as bride enters room wearing her wedding dress

Bride and her father at home before they leave for her wedding

guest adjusting another guests hat at wedding

guests greeting groom as they arrive for wedding

Page boy holding wedding rings

Mother and daughter, wedding guests arriving at wedding ceremony

Bridesmaids holding bouquets

bride arriving at church in wedding car

Groom waiting for bride at catholic wedding ceremony

Groom waiting for his bride at church wedding ceremony

bride walking down the aisle at wedding with father

Bride and Groom standing at the alter during catholic wedding ceremony

bridesmaid smiling during church wedding ceremony

ring exchange at Catholic wedding ceremony

Best man smiling during wedding ceremony

Bride and groom first kiss during church wedding ceremony

boy receiving communion at catholic wedding ceremony

Bride and groom walking up the aisle at church

Bride and groom walking out of church after wedding ceremony

Groom hugging bridesmaid after wedding ceremony

Groom hugging page boy after wedding ceremony

Wedding guest hugging groom after wedding ceremony

guest hugging bride after wedding ceremony

Wedding guest congratulating bride after wedding ceremony

Groom and Father hugging after wedding

Wedding guest congratulating bride

guest hugging groom at wedding

Bride and groom in wedding car with page boy

Bride and Groom clinking champagne glasses at wedding

Best man holding drinks at Nuthurst Grange wedding

Guests laughing at Nuthurst Grange wedding

Bride and her bridesmaids laughing

cute girl at wedding

guest laughing during drinks reception at Nuthurst Grange wedding

Wedding cake Harry Potter Theme

Bride and groom walking in the rain, Groom holding umbrella over bride

Bride and groom about to kiss

Bride and groom, holding each other, Nuthurst Grange

Bride and groom walking hand in hand, laughing

Black and white image of bride and groom kissing by a gate, Nuthurst Grange

Bride and Groom standing close, Nuthurst Grange

Bride and groom walking hand in hand, down the drive at Nuthurst Grange

bride and groom laughing, leaning against a wall

Bride and Groom kissing against a wall, Nuthurst Grange

Wedding favour, golden snitch

Wedding table name Harry Potter Theme

Harry Potter themed table plan for wedding

Cheers- guests at wedding breakfast

Bride, Groom and bridesmaid laughing at speech, Nuthurst Grange

Girl listening to speech, Nuthurst Grange

Guests laughing at wedding breakfast, Nuthurst Grange

Bride laughing during speech at Nuthurst Grange wedding venue

Father of the Groom clapping at wedding speeches

Peek a boo- Wedding breakfast, Nuthurst Grange

Guest playing peek a boo at wedding breakfast, Nuthurst Grange

Bride and bridesmaid laughing during speeches

Guests waiting for first dance at Nuthurst Grange

Bride and groom dancing their first dance, Nuthurst Grange

Bride & groom dancing first dance at Nuthurst Grange

Black & white image of Groom with Brides arms round his neck, dancing

Bridesmaid dancing at wedding reception, Nuthurst Grange

guests laughing with little girl at wedding reception, Nuthurst Grange

Wedding guests at Nuthurst grange