A newborn photoshoot is such a special thing to have when you have just had your baby. I have missed newborn photoshoots so much during this past year. All those big life moments have still been going on during lockdown, but it has been so hard for families. Not being able to celebrate the birth of their new baby with loved ones is heartbreaking, especially when all you want to do is show your new baby off to the world!

Newborn Photoshoot

I was excited to meet baby Archie and his parents last week. His photoshoot took place at his home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. A newborn photoshoot at home is a really lovely experience for new parents. Relaxed, surrounded by all your home comforts and baby essentials, there is no worry of packing loads of bags. The backdrop of your home is so special at this time. It really adds to the memories captured in the images and makes each shoot unique for your family.

A newborn shoot is typically taken in the first month of baby being born, but beautiful newborn images can be taken at any time in the first few weeks. Being slightly older at 6 weeks, Archie was much more alert than a really newborn- although Mum and Dad says he has been an alert baby since the moment he was born! He certainly didn’t want to miss a moment of his first newborn photoshoot! Archie stayed awake for most of his session, just sneaking a few sleepy moments whilst being cuddled by Mum and Dad. He has lots of lovely expressions and already his lovely little personality shines through in his images.

Family photography with your newborn

What is really special about newborn shoots at home, are the natural, beautiful moments that can be captured during the time I am with you. A lot of the time on a newborn photoshoot is spent with you cuddling your baby and keeping them happy and settled. I love to look out for these in-between moments. They really capture the love and connection you have with your baby. They are the images that will really take you back to how it felt when your baby was so small. A newborn shoot is so much more than taking cute photographs of your newborn baby. The most special images from the shoot are the ones of you together as a family. We take millions of cute snaps ourselves of our children, but we rarely have lovely images of us together. These are the photographs that will be treasured the most as your children grow up.

Photoshoot at home

Photoshoots at home, freeze a little bit of childhood. The backdrops of your images include decor, furniture, favourite toys and special blankets. They mean so much more as they are really personal to you. I mainly use the master bedroom and the nursery during your photoshoot, but am guided by light and creativity to ensure we get beautiful images from your shoot. With minimum posing, images are really natural and include all those gorgeous newborn features- tiny toes, curled up fists, little button noses and wisps of hair. Photoshoots at home are especially great if you have an older child. Little ones are much more relaxed at home and can be easily occupied when they have finished having family photographs

How to book a newborn photoshoot

At the end of your pregnancy or as soon as your baby is born, you can book in for a newborn photoshoot. I also offer maternity photoshoots, with a discount off newborn photoshoots if booked together. The earlier the photoshoot is taken, the more naturally sleepy and curled up your baby will be (not always the case though!). I photograph babies of all ages, so if you have missed those tiny baby days, you can still book in to capture those big personalities, chubby arms and legs (so gorgeous!) and tummy rolls before they start to get on the move!

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Dad cuddling baby boy during newborn photoshoot

newborn boy looking at the camera during photoshoot in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Mum and dad cuddling baby boy at Kenilworth home

baby boy looking over Mum's shoulder during photoshoot

Mum cuddling baby, rocking him by the window at home

Mum holding baby in her arms, as a shadow by the window

Baby smiling as he is cuddled by Mum during newborn photoshoot

black and white image of baby with a foo fighters vest on

black and white image of mums hand holding her baby's feet

baby cuddling his teddies in newborn photoshoot