When you have chosen your dress, it is the best feeling ever and you just can’t wait for your wedding day to come around so you can wear it!  I imagined what I would look like in it and I was so excited about seeing photographs after the wedding of me in it!

Normally a one day only dress, a dress that you will have the fondest memories of but will probably never wear again.  Do you embrace your day and the dirt on the floor, or do you carefully watch where you walk and pick it up to keep it clean?  It is only natural for us to want to look after this beautiful dress, but this is one day only- we need to live this amazing moment.

This photograph of me riding my horse in my wedding dress is one of my all time favourites!  Following my honeymoon, I decided that I wanted to ride my horse in my dress and my friend offered to join in the madness and capture it for me.  I must have been crazy, but I can’t look at this photograph without grinning.  The dress?  Wrecked!  My shoes? Filthy! But none of that mattered because of the experience I had and the memories I made.

The best photographs provoke emotion and take you back to re-live the moment.  That’s why I absolutely love natural photographs that document real moments and capture feeling.  I will never forget the exhilaration I felt galloping across the field in the sunshine on my beautiful horse in my beautiful dress.

Janet Cheary- thank you for capturing this for me x