This was such a beautiful day!  Even on a summers day, we cannot guarantee the sun- but on this Saturday in April, the sun shone all day long!

When you are planning a wedding, one of the biggest challenges is trying to keep numbers down.  The guest list must be the topic of conversation for a good few wedding planning nights! So what happens when you decide that you are only going to invite immediate family to share your special day? This is exactly what Kym & David chose for their wedding.

I really loved being part of this day!  With just very close family to witness the marriage, the essence of the day was completely overwhelmed by what marriage is all about.  Their ceremony was held at The Saxon Mill, a gorgeous pub and restaurant situated on the river side.  Personal details had been hand made and included in their day.

Kym and David celebrated their marriage with champagne by the river, great food and quality time spent with  the people they love the most.