It was Christmas time When I met Julia & Laurens for a drink in the pub last year to talk about their Welcombe Hotel wedding. There was snow on the ground and their summer, garden themed wedding seemed a million miles away!  As with everything, it flew round and it was slap bang in the middle of our summer heat wave.  Their day was a scorcher!

Their beautiful wedding took them right back to their roots.  I met Julia and her bridesmaids for bridal prep at her parents home. There is always quite a bit of emotion and nostalgia when a person returns to where they grew up, to get ready for their wedding day. The girls had a fun time getting ready together. Julia gave presents to her bridesmaids in the lounge and we spent a few moments in the garden taking photographs before setting off for the wedding ceremony.

Julia & Laurens had their wedding ceremony in a pretty little Church in Tanworth in Arden. Guests turned up together in a classic green, double decker bus. Julia walked up the aisle with her Mum and I loved the emotion on their faces as they waited to walk in together.

The Welcombe Hotel

The ceremony was followed by a relaxed reception at The Welcombe in Stratford in Arden. This was my first wedding at the Welcombe Hotel. It is a stunning place. The hotel is a beautiful building and is said to be a calendar house- with 7 entrances, 12 fireplaces, 52 chimneys and 365 windows- bringing luck and prosperity to everyone that stays there! It was the perfect place for their country garden themed wedding. Wedding drinks were served on a pretty terrace overlooking landscaped gardens full of greenery and flowers.

Their wedding was very much about being together with the people they love.  There was a great vibe as guests chilled out in the glorious sunshine.  Only a few sneaked off to the bar to watch the football (World Cup- hard for some to miss!).  Everyone, including myself, were very grateful that the wedding breakfast was served in a beautiful air conditioned room (who knew that would be a factor for an english wedding?!)

Amazing speeches had everyone in both happy and emotional tears. An epic first dance kicked the party off with a bang.  It was amazing to be part of such a brilliant day.

If you are planning your wedding, I would love you to get in touch!

bride doing her make up in a mirror

reflection in the mirror of a bridesmaid having her make up done

guests arriving on a vintage bus for a wedding in Tanworth in Arden

Groom greeting guests outside Tanworth in Arden Church

Bride arriving at Tanworth in Arden for her wedding

Bride waiting with her Mum to walk down the aisle in Tanworth in Arden church

bride walking down the aisle at Tanworth in Arden church

Bride and Groom at the alter at Tanworth in Arden church

Bride and Groom exchanging vows in Tanworth in Arden church

First kiss as husband and wife in Tanworth in Arden church

Bride signing the register in tan worth in Arden church wedding

Bride and groom kneeling at the alter in tan worth in Arden church

Bride and Groom walking up the aisle in Tanworth in Arden church

Bride and Groom arriving at The Welcombe, Stratford in Arden wedding

Bride and Groom close together chatting at their wedding at The Welcombe

Bride and Groom in the gardens at The Welcombe Hotel, stratford in Arden

Guests laughing at a wedding at The Welcome Hotel. Stratford in Arden

Bride laughing with sun parasol at The Wellcombe Hotel in Stratford in Arden

Groomsmen walking g in the gardens at the Welcombe hotel, stratford in Arden

Groomsmen posing for a shot at The Welcombe Hotel, Stratford in Arden

Bride and Groom announced in for wedding breakfast at The Welcombe

Groom laughing during speeches at the Welcombe, Stratford In Arden

Bride giving a speech at her wedding at The Welcome, stratford in Arden

Emotional guest shedding a tear during a wedding speech

Fish fountain at The Welcombe hotel, stratford In Arden

Bride laughing during speeches at The Welcombe

Bride with her bridesmaids laughing. At The Welcombe hotel

Bride and Groom kissing in the sunset at The Welcombe hotel, stratford in Arden

Bride and Groom kissing by the lake at The Welcombe hotel

bride and Groom dancing first dance at the Welcombe Hotel

Guests dancing at a wedding at The Welcombe Hotel

A girl being swung round on the wedding dance floor at the Welcombe Hotel

Bride and guest dancing at a wedding at The Welcombe Hotel