Spring Wedding at The Saxon Mill

A wedding at The Saxon Mill, Warwickshire is pretty special!  It is a gorgeous venue for an intimate, relaxed, wedding.  This is exactly the type of feel Susan & Pete wanted for their spring wedding day and this riverside venue was the perfect place.

I met Susan & Pete for their pre- wedding shoot, at Hatton Locks in Warwickshire, just before the snow came earlier in the year!  It was great to get to know them a little and they were really relaxed on the day when we took a few moments for couple shots.   On the wedding day I joined Susan and her bridesmaids down the road at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club which was a great place for bridal prep.  The girls were chilled and having fun.  All was relaxed until the cute little Fiat 500 wouldn’t start!  After a bit of a panic, Dad got it started and Susan made it to her wedding on time!

Intimate wedding celebrations

Susan & Pete chose to get married with a late afternoon ceremony in the Warwick suite, upstairs at the Saxon Mill.  This is a stunning room, with loads of character and charm. Exposed stone wall and wooden beams give the room a rustic feel, perfect for this riverside wedding.  This was an intimate wedding, with just close family and friends. There was a real fun vibe and guests chilled and relaxed, enjoying the celebrations. Drinks were served on the terrace overlooking the river, with idyllic views. The flow of an afternoon wedding ceremony works perfectly and guests were soon enjoying a feast back in the Warwick Suite, followed by lots of partying!

I loved being part of this beautiful wedding day at this gorgeous Warwickshire Wedding venue. I would love to hear from you if you are planning a wedding.  Say hello!

The Saxon Mill sign, Warwickshire

bridal prep at The Warwickshire, bridesmaid having her hair done.

Bride & bridesmaid having a toast with process as they get ready for the wedding

Wedding dress hanging up at the window at The Warwickshire hotel

buttonholes for Mother of the bride and father of the bride

bride having er makeup done and laughing with make up artist

black and white image of bride in the bathroom having blusher applied

Bride laughing as she has blusher applied during make up

bride and bridesmaid laughing in the bathroom as they get ready

bridesmaids and sisters doing each others make up

Wedding shoes, silver sparkly

Bride having her hair done at the warwickshire golf club

Bride and bridesmaid chatting and laughing as they have their make up done at the warwickshire golf club

sisters laughing and hugging- bride and bridesmaid at the Warwickshire Golf Club

Bride having her lipstick done during bridal prep

Bridesmaid doing up the bride's buttons on the back of her wedding dress. Warwickshire golf club

Bride smiling looking radiant in her wedding dress

Dad seeing bride for the first time in her wedding dress at the Warwickshire golf club

Bride arriving at her wedding at the Saxon Mill in her Fiat 500

Dad and daughter at her wedding, Father of the Bride and Bride hugging before the ceremony

Groom and Best man waiting for the Bride to enter the wedding ceremony at the Saxon Mill

Bridesmaid walking up the aisle at the saxon Mill in Warwickshire

Bride and Father walking down the aisle at wedding ceremony at the Saxon Mill

Bride, Groom and Father of the Bride during wedding ceremony

Bride & Groom laughing during wedding ceremony at the Saxon Mill

Bride & Groom looking at each other during their wedding ceremony at The Saxon Mill

Bridesmaids and Best man during the wedding ceremony at the Saxon Mill

Exchanging rings during wedding ceremony at The Saxon Mill

Best Man handing Bride the wedding ring

Bride and Groom laughing as they are pronounced as Husband and wife, wedding ceremony at the Saxon Mill

First kiss as husband and wife, wedding ceremony at the Saxon Mill

Bride and Groom, just married at the Saxon Mill, Warwickshire

Bride & Groom signing the register at The saxon Mill wedding

Bride & Groom walking up the Aisle, Saxon Mill wedding

Just married, first glass of prosecco, Saxon Milll wedding

Groom hugging mother at wedding, Saxon Mill

Bride & Bridesmaid at wedding at the Saxon Mill

guest laughing at Saxon Mill wedding

Basket of confetti, Saxon Mill wedding

Little girl looking down at the river at the Saxon Mill, Warwickshire

Bridesmaids and Father of bride ready to throw confetti, Saxon Mill wedding

confetti shot, bride & Groom, Saxon Mill, Warwickshire

Black & white image of confetti, bride and groom, Saxon Mill wedding

Group shot of Bride & Bridesmaids, laughing. Saxon Mill wedding

Mum kissing daughter, bride at wedding

Bride and groom with Nan's at their wedding at the Saxon Mill

Nan kissing bride, Saxon Mill wedding

Bride & Groom standing against the wall at Saxon Mill

Groom kissing bride's forehead, back and white image, sAxon Mill, Warwickshire

Groom hugging bride, bride resting her head against his chest, Saxon Mill

Bride & groom laughing, outside at The Saxon Mill

BRide & Groom standing by the riverside at The Saxon Mill, Warwickshire

Bride and Groom, riverside at the Saxon Mill

Balck and white image of the bride and groom laughing, standing by the river at their wedding

Bride and groom kissing, riverside at The Saxon Mill

Bride and Groom standing through the sunroof of Fiat 500, wedding car

Bride and Groom standing up through roof of Fiat 500 wedding car, Saxon Mill

Bride and Groom standing leaning against Fiat 500 wedding car with just married sign, Saxon Mill

Bride and Groom entering their wedding reception at the Saxon Mill

Bride laughing with guest at her wedding reception, Saxon Mill

Groom pretending to propose to a friend, wedding at the Saxon Mill

Father of Bride smiling at the Groom's speech, Saxon Mill wedding

Bride and groom , wedding speech, Saxon Mill

Bride & Groom cutting wedding cake at Saxon Mill wedding

Bride & Groom first dance, wedding, Saxon Mill

Bride And groom dancing their first dance at their Saxon Mill wedding

Children dancing at Saxon Mill wedding

Guests having polaroid photo taken, holding props

Guests hugging and dancing at wedding

The Saxon Mill

The Warwickshire Country Golf Club