I loved Bryony and Lewis from the moment I met them! They are such a lovely, fun, down to earth couple.  We met up at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth for their pre wedding shoot which was great.  I was so excited about their outdoor, tipi wedding! I have never watched the weather more than on the lead up to their big day- I prayed for no rain as I knew how much it meant to them to get married outdoors.

The ‘legal’ bit

Bryony and Lewis had big dreams for their wedding day but as they wanted an outdoor ceremony, in the field at the farm, it meant carrying out the ‘legal’ bit somewhere – well ‘legal’! On the morning of their wedding, they met at Warwick Registry Office with their immediate family.  They had a quick ceremony where they became married in the eyes of the law and then they went their separate ways to meet their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here the preparations began!

The wedding!

The setting was absolutely stunning and the weather was perfect.  The sun shone down on Bryony and Lewis as they exchanged personal vows in front of their family & friends. With the tipi in front of them and Kenilworth Castle as a back drop, it could not have been more picturesque! There was a really relaxed vibe, with hay bales to sit on and beers and prosecco keeping cool in buckets of ice.  Horses grazed in the next field acting as if giant tipis were normal and weddings took place every day!

Weddings can be so emotional- it is one of the reasons I love them so much.  There is something very special about having your loved ones all together. When a loved one is ill or missing though, it can be very hard.  Bryony’s Dad had been ill leading up to the wedding.  He was receiving treatment and luckily, was well enough to walk his beautiful daughter proudly down the aisle.  Unfortunately he had to leave before the wedding breakfast so Bryony’s brother bravely stood up to read his Dad’s speech.  I photographed the speech through tears. Guy did an amazing job of standing in and speaking his Dad’s words.

There was a beautiful sunset.  It’s always lovely to capture some couple portraits in this gorgeous light before the evening celebrations kick off!

I loved the chilled vibe through the whole day as people relaxed and had fun.  As I walked away, the sun was setting, and there was a brilliant party atmosphere.  I absolutely loved being part of this amazing day!  Thank you to my fab second shooter for the day- Lisa Leeman.  I love the images she captured of Bryony and her Dad waiting to walk down the aisle and it is always great to capture the groom prep too so the whole story of the day is recorded.

Groom and groomsmen clinking glasses

bridesmaid eating cereal during bridal prep

bridesmaid and bride hugging during bridal prep

wedding dress hanging up

wedding dress details, black and white

bride laughing during bridal prep

bride laughing as she haas her wedding hair done.

groomsmen laughing as they get dressed ready for wedding

bride having her wedding hair done, kenilworth

best man doing up grooms tie

groom opening his new watch, present from the bride

groom smiling, looking at new watch

best man attaching grooms buttonhole

groom taking a photo of his new watch

bride laughing at her phone as she watches a video of the groom opening her present

bride having her wedding hair done

bridesmaid talking to bride as she has her hair done, bridal prep

champagne flutes set out on a ladder for guests

wedding sign

Groom greeting guests for his outdoor wedding

bride getting in to her wedding dress

bridesmaids see the bride in her wedding dress for the first time

bride and her bridesmaids

bride and bridesmaids clinking champagne glasses

Mother and father of the bride arriving at her house before her wedding

bride hugging her dad before they leave for her wedding

bride fixing her fathers bow tie before her wedding

Groom and best man waiting for bride to arrive at wedding

bride arriving at her wedding, getting out of the wedding car

Groom waiting for his bride at the top of the aisle, outdoor wedding kenlilworth

guests watching as bride arrives at outdoor wedding

bride waiting to walk down the aisle with her Dad and bridesmaids

bridesmaids walking down the aisle at outdoor wedding, kenilworth

Bride and her father waiting to walk down the aisle

Father kissing bride as he gives her away at wedding ceremony

bride and groom laughing during outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom standing outside tipi for their wedding ceremony, Kenilworth

bred and groom sitting down listening to a reading during tipi wedding ceremony

bridesmaids crying during wedding ceremony at tipi wedding, Kenilworth

Father of the groom watching the couple exchange vows at outdoor kenilworth wedding

bride and groom laughing as they exchange rings at outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom exchanging rings, kenilworth wedding

first kiss as husband and wife, outdoor wedding, kenilworth

guests throwing confetti over the bride and groom at tipi wedding, kenilworth

guests following bride and groom out of wedding ceremony in kenilworth

bride and groom kissing outside tipi wedding

bridesmaids hugging at kenilworth wedding

bride and groom standing in front of tipis at outdoor wedding

bride and groom kissing in a field in front of kenilworth castle

bride and groom drinking champagne in a field

bride and groom, just married, clinking champagne glasses in field

Groom and best man hugging in a field in front of kenilworth castle

bride and groom walking down field in Kenilworth, holding champagne

bride hugging guest at outdoor kenilworth wedding

bridesmaid hugging bride, outdoor wedding, kenilworth

guest taking a selfie with bride and groom, outdoor wedding Kenilworth

guest laughing with bride at kenilworth wedding

bride laughing at kenilworth wedding

guests hugging bride and groom, tipi wedding

bride cheering with guest outside tipi at kenilworth wedding

bride and her father, tipi wedding, kenilworth

bride and bridesmaids throwing bouquets up in the air

bride and bridesmaids outside tipi

bride and bridesmaids

groom and groomsmen having a drink at outdoor wedding

bride and groom standing in front of tipi at outdoor wedding

guest greeting bride at tipi wedding

bride and groom entering tipi for wedding breakfast

guests downing shots at tipi wedding

Groom giving wedding speech, bride laughing

guests listening to speech at tipi wedding

bride laughing during speeches, tipi wedding

guest crying during wedding speech, tipi wedding, kenilworth

Bride crying during emotional speech at tipi wedding

best man giving a speech

guests laughing during speeches

Groom and bride laughing at speeches, tipi wedding, kenilworth

Top table at tipi wedding, bride and groom drinking champagne

Mother of groom doing a shot at tipi wedding

Mother of the bride pulling a face after taking a shot. Tipi wedding in Kenilworth

men carrying a bucket of beers, outdoor tipi wedding

a guest hugging the bride at tipi wedding

Man and boy sitting outside on a hay bale at a wedding

bride and guests drinking shots, tipi wedding

Groom and guests drinking shots, tipi wedding, kenilworth

Groom slicing off the top of champagne bottle with knife at outdoor tipi wedding

bride laughing and drinking champagne at outdoor wedding in Kenilworth

Groom being picked up by guest at wedding in kenilworth

groom and friend drinking from a hip flask

Groom pulling a face after having a drink from a hipflask

peaks of tipi wedding

guest throwing a child up in the air at a wedding

guests laughing as they have a photograph taken. Kenilworth castle in the background

Groom greeting a guest at their outdoor wedding

Wedding guests stroking horse, tipi wedding

groom and groomsmen posing for a photo in a Kenilworth lane

groom and groomsmen sitting in a lane, drinking beer and laughing

bride and groom in a field at sunset, Kenilworth

bride and groom walking through a field in Kenilworth

bride and groom standing in a field in Kenilworth

bride and groom walking hand in hand in a field

bridesmaids taking a selfie at wedding

Groom and friend trying to pull welly off bride

bride and groom cutting wedding cake

bride and groom first dance, tipi wedding

wedding guests dancing n dancefloor at tipi wedding

bride and groom dancing at tipi wedding

wedding guests dancing in tipi

Wedding party dancing in tipi

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into this fantastic wedding day! If you love tipis, check out more inspiration here.