I was excited about seeing this lovely family again for their outdoor family photoshoot. After photographing maternity and newborn shoots for both little ones, it was a lot of fun to spend an afternoon with them at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth.

Outdoor family photoshoots are all about the experience. Having quality family time, being in the moment and having fun together, creates authentic photographs and brings out those big personalities.

The children completely lead the shoot and make it their own. When they are enjoying the environment and having fun, they are not focused on the camera and act completely naturally. Smiles are genuine, there is lots of laughter and other natural expressions as they climb trees, balance on logs and let their imaginations run wild!

Exploring Abbey Fields, Kenilworth

We had fun walking round Abbey fields, a beautiful setting in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. These guys enjoyed exploring. They both found feathers and were pretending to fly! I love to watch how they use the environment and their wonder at the little things they notice and find.

The children love the focused attention from their parents. Cuddles, tickle fights and piggy backs are very much encouraged! With an outdoor family shoot, there is so much variety for beautiful backdrops for your photographs. I guide you to stand, sit or play in particular places so I can creatively capture images of you together. There is no posing or smiling awkwardly at the camera!

No two outdoor family photoshoots are ever the same. Each shoot is unique to your family- particularly your children who have their own ideas!That is the beauty of them and makes each one special. with any photoshoot experience, you are making special memories. when you look back at photos from your shoot, I hope they make you smile, remembering the experience you had and how you felt having fun together!

My outdoor family photoshoots are perfect for families who would love some natural photographs of them all having fun together. Families who love the outdoors and are looking for photographs that show their love and connections as a family, rather than perfect smiles for the camera!

If you would like to book a shoot or find out more, I would love to hear from you. Click here to contact me 🙂

girl running down a hill on family photoshoot

family looking out to the lake at Abbey fields, Kenilworth

young girl smiling up at camer on outdoor family photoshoot

family sitting together laughing at Kenilworth family photoshoot

boy being tickled by mum on photoshoot at abbey fields

family laughing together at abbey fields

Mum and son cuddling during outdoor photoshoot

Children running holding feathers

family cuddling and laughing during outdoor family photoshoot in Warwickshire

girl jumping off log in Kenilworth

Dad cuddling son on photoshoot

Children sitting on a bench cuddling in Abbey fields

Family walking together in Abbey fields, Kenilworth