Why Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I have photographed newborn babies in Solihull & Warwickshire for the past 6 years and although I really like images of cute, posed babies, nothing makes my heart sing more than emotional, newborn lifestyle photography.

For me, my aim as a photographer is to capture a true memory, which has emotion and shows connection.  These are the photographs that turn into treasure as we grow older.  They help us remember special times and the people we love.

As a parent, I know how those first few days of bringing your newborn baby home become a hazy memory, caused by the chaos and sleep deprivation!  But this is a magical time and it is gone in the blink of an eye. A lifestyle newborn photoshoot can freeze those special memories and take you right back to these early newborn days.

Photoshoot at Home

A Lifestyle newborn photoshoot at home can be a more relaxed option than a studio session. Capturing images in your home is a lot less stressful in those first few days, where leaving the house can be a challenge!  Everything you may need is on hand! Lifestyle newborn photoshoots are completely relaxed and go with the flow of the baby and the family. Booking only one family in each day, there are no time pressures and new parents can relax in the knowledge that if their new baby needs feeding, changing or a cuddle, we can pause or photograph these special moments too. The home environment makes babies and children feel relaxed and secure, often resulting in really natural images. Parents feel more relaxed too which helps you to really enjoy the experience.

What I love about photographing newborn babies at home with their families is that every backdrop is meaningful, every image provokes a memory of this time in your life.  Every session is personal and unique to you- it’s your home and special memories.

Lifestyle photography is not about getting your baby into that perfect pose.  It is about capturing their beautiful newborn features- the way they sleep with their fists curled up by their ears, their huge yawns, that beautiful wisp of hair that will soon stop sticking up.  It is about capturing the amazing connection your newborn baby already has with Mum & Dad, proud brothers and sisters and the family pet (having a good sniff of this new strange being in their home!).

Although it is great to get those really early newborn images, a lifestyle newborn photoshoot can take place at any time up until around 1 month old. The earlier they are taken, the more naturally curled up and sleepy your baby is. This really only affects studio images though, where it is easier for photographers to pose your baby while they are still in the very newborn stage, up until around 2 weeks old. Up until one month, your baby still has all those beautiful newborn features that are so precious to capture!

I also love to capture the sense of celebration of this time- the cards lined up on the mantelpiece- a shower of pink or blue, the new beautiful teddies waiting to be cuddled and loved by your baby as he/she grows. If the nursery is decorated, it is lovely to get some images in here too. In the lifestyle newborn photoshoot, we can use blankets and toys that have special meaning as it is all on hand- the blanket knitted by Grandma-  all so special and all part of the story.

I really love capturing these precious memories for families and would love to hear from you. Contact me for more information x

lifestyle newborn photography taken at home
newborn lifestyle photoshoot at home
natural newborn photoshoot in Solihull
girl holding her baby brother on her lap, lifestyle newborn photography
Dad cuddling newborn baby with older sister in lifestyle newborn photoshoot
Black & white image of Mum holding baby in the nursery, sitting in a rocking chair. Solihull newborn photoshoot