A note from me- a family photographer and fellow Mum, to all those Mums out there- you rock! Being a Mum is the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world. We wouldn’t have it any other way. There is one more, special thing we can do for our children and it is something really simple. Yet many of us shy away from it. We can get in front of the camera more.

When you look back at family holiday photos, or photographs from Christmas and birthday celebrations, how many photographs are you actually in? When you scroll through your camera reel on your phone, are there millions of your kids, but only a handful of you?

Do you always ask your partner to take a photo of a moment- but by the time you have got their attention and passed the phone over, the moment has gone?! If I asked you how many family photographs you have, i’m sure you would say thousands- but how many feature you? I’m a family photographer and yet I am guilty for not getting in front of the camera enough with my children.

Photographs of you with your children

When you look at photographs of you with your children, do they show the love and devotion you have in your heart for them? Do they show emotion, feeling, or the connection between you?

Do you avoid the camera, or erase photos straight after they are taken because you don’t like how you look? Do you think to yourself you will have some family photographs taken when you have lost weight? Do you avoid the camera because your hair is a mess, or you didn’t put makeup on today? I totally get it. I’m guilty of doing the same. Somehow though, those days never come and we find ourselves making these excuses over again and never getting round to capturing memories from today.

Do it for the kids

Next time you avoid the camera, or duck out of the shot, think about who this photograph is really for. It’s not for us- it’s for our kids.

There will come a day when our children won’t curl into our lap anymore. Holding hands will be rare. They will stop throwing their arms around us. They will avoid our kisses- especially in public! Our children will will stop wanting us to read to them. The last day will come when they climb into our bed for a cuddle. They will become teenagers, yearning for independence. They will leave our homes to start lives of their own with partners and then their own children. When they are little, these life moments seem so far away, but they come round so quickly.

One day your children will look for photographs from now- from their childhood. They will want to see you in the photographs, remembering how it felt to be curled up in your lap, to be in the safety of your arms, being held close. They will look back at photos and remember these moments. They will feel the overwhelming love you have for them as it will be right there in the photographs.

They won’t care what your hair looks like, what you weighed, what you were wearing, or if you look tired or have mascara on. They just want you in the photographs, for those special childhood memories to live on forever. As a family photographer, and a mum, this is something I am so passionate about. I understand how our confidence and self esteem can have an impact on family photography. On every photoshoot, my aim is to capture the love and relationships you have with your children. I know how precious these photographs will be now- but even more so in years to come.

Family Photoshoots

When I am photographing Mums with their children, I don’t ask them to pose or smile at me. The images look natural because the moments are real. Authentic images capturing the emotion, love and connection you have with your beautiful children.

Make this year the year you are part of the story. Book a photoshoot with a family photographer and create some beautiful memories that you will all cherish. Today is gone in the blink of an eye but photographs are always here.

To see some real, family photoshoots, click here. I would love to hear from you if you would like to book a session. I update my facebook and instagram pages with recent sessions and offers

Mum cuddling her son - family photographer

Mum kissing her son and cuddling her daughter in solihull Family photoshoot

Mum holding baby daughter on her bed at home

Mum holding twin babies, smiling during family photo session

 family photographer session  baby son's hand as he walks in the park

Mum and her two sons laughing during family photography session

Mum and two boys jumping over a stream at Newbold Comyn in Leamington spa

Mum cuddling baby daughter, family photography

mum cuddling her 2 children, sitting on a log in the woods

Mum and daughter looking at each other in the woods on photoshoot