I was invited to the beautiful home of this gorgeous family, back in the freezing month of January. A family photo shoot at home really appealed to Syndy. They had waited a long time to move into their new home. They wanted the backdrop of their home in their family photographs, as it added to their memories of this time. Syndy was excited about the shoot as she currently had close family members staying with her, which is rare, so to capture them all together was really special.

A family photo shoot at home was perfect for the young children, as well as the gloomy weather! The little ones aged 3, 1 and 4 months were really comfortable at home, allowing their cute little (or very big) personalities to shine through in the images. Jason was excited to show me around his home! He was completely relaxed, which allowed me to capture his character and also the beautiful bond he has with members of his family.

Having the Grandparents there was so lovely- you can see the special bond they have with all the children. I know these images will have such a huge sentimental value as the children grow up. Shoots like this really are led by the kids! They show real moments, true emotion and the beautiful connections the family have with each other. One of my favourite images is of Jason climbing in his Grandad’s head! A game I’m sure he does all the time. Something that could never be posed, but is true to his little character and wonderful relationship with his Grandad.

Family shoots at home are perfect for babies and toddlers. Not only are they happy in their own surroundings, the images mean so much more. The images are unique to you and will have lasting memories as your family and your home environment change and grow.

For more information on family photo shoots at home or outdoors click here. Whether you go out on an adventure, or stay closer to home, family shoots capture amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Natural, unposed and loads of fun!

little boy climbing on sofa at home
1 year old girl looking up at the camera
Mum and 1 year old daughter laughing
1 year old leaning on sofa, feeling sleepy
one year old girl laughing on sofa, holding a teddy
Dad cuddling baby girl
black & white image of Dad cuddling baby girl
boy and mum playing with string
Mum, Dad and daughter cuddling on a sofa during home family shoot
b & w image of mum and dad cuddling with baby on the sofa
Dad stroking daughters face
Mum cuddling baby daughter
Grandad and grandson playing with a balloon
Grandparents and grandson playing at home
GRandson and grandad sitting on stairs at home during family shoot
Mum and son playing at home
Mum and son sitting on the stairs at home during family shoot
Mum and son laughing together
Son stroking Mum's hair
Son giving Mum a kiss
3 year old boy looking up at the camera
little boy sitting at the dinner table during a family shoot
Mum and son looking at a birds house in the tree
3 year old in the garden
Mum holding arms out for a cuddle with her son
Mum giving son a cuddle in the garden
4 month old baby girl kicking her legs
black and white image of 4 month old baby girl
brother stroking baby sister's face
baby girl, 4 months
Mum holding her baby's feet
4 month old looking up at the camera
Mum holding 4 month old daughter
boy talking to his baby sister
GRandma bending over to talk to her baby granddaughter
Grandma and grandaughter having a cuddle
GRandma cuddling grandaughter
Grandparents cuddling grandchildren, having fun