Candid wedding photography brings back all the true feelings and emotion of your day when you look back at your wedding photos. It is often the in between moments of your day- as your guests excitedly arrive and greet loved ones, as they congratulate you after the ceremony. The laughter around the drinks ceremony and the reactions during speeches. The fun on the dancefloor! Candid moments are those moments caught, that tell a story of the people in them or the moment captured, without being set up or posed.

What is candid wedding photography?

Candid photographs are taken throughout your wedding day when people are not fully aware. They are normally immersed in a moment or conversation and are acting completely normal. Their laughter or smiles are genuine, as they are in the moment and not posed for the camera. When people start to be aware of the camera, or are posing for a photograph, their smile and body language changes. Candid photographs of your guests can be so meaningful. They capture personality in a way that posed photographs can’t.

Photographers have different styles and approaches to wedding photography. A photographer skilled at observing and knowing how to capture a moment, will be experienced and used to blending in. I am not the type of photographer that stands on the outskirts of your celebrations with a long lens! I love to get right in the middle, blending in with your guests, chatting to them and making them feel comfortable and relaxed, so they stop noticing me as the ‘photographer’.

candid wedding photography of groom hugging guests at wedding drinks reception

How is candid wedding photography captured?

A photographer that favours candid wedding photography will observe and capture the scene without altering it. The scene is part of the story, however crazy or messy that may be (bridal prep is often wild!!). A photographer experienced at candid photography won’t give people direction. They will observe and prepare and will know how to get that ultimate moment. These photographs literally do freeze moments in time. When you look back at these images, they transport you right back there, to how you were feeling or what you were laughing at- because the moment was real and wasn’t set up by your photographer.

bride fixing her fathers bow tie before her wedding

What parts of the day are best to capture candid moments?

A great time to capture candid moments is in the relaxed, down times. As guests are enjoying themselves after the ceremony, chatting, drinking and catching up with friends and loved ones, it is a great opportunity to capture fun and emotion. Activities such as entertainment- garden games or magicians, provide extra opportunity for moments to be photographed. During the ‘big’ moments, there is also lots of opportunity for candid shots. As well as recording the main events, I love to capture expressions, emotions and the joy on your guests faces as they watch you say your vows or listen to your speeches.

guests laughing at wedding speeches at Warwickshire wedding

Choosing the right photographer

The personality of your photographer will play a big part in the candid photography captured on the day. Someone who is down to earth and makes you and your guests feel at ease, will be able to set the right atmosphere for people to relax and be themselves. They will be experienced in wedding photography to know which moments to look out for. They will have the observation skills to know where to be and what to capture. When you look at their wedding portfolio, you will see a natural, candid approach in the style of their images. When you chat to them, you will see if they are passionate about capturing candid moments, or if they like to have more control over posing and styling.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer with a natural style and huge love of candid photography, I would love to hear from you! Contact me or have a look at some of my real weddings to get an idea of my approach and style.

bride kissing bridesmaid

guests dancing at tipi wedding, warwickshire

bride and bridesmaid doing cheers with champagne

wedding guests on bouncy castle, royal arms hotel wedding

children playing on the swing at the wood norton wedding

guest crying during wedding speech, tipi wedding, kenilworth

Bride hugging flower girl, wedding morning

Wedding guests laughing with bride, white hart inn wedding

bride laughing and drinking champagne at outdoor wedding in Kenilworth

daughter hugging mum as they get ready for the wedding, blackwell grange

bride crying as she reads a card from her bridesmaid

guests drinking champagne and laughing during wedding reception

Wedding content creator service

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